A Guest Room Refresh for a Long-Awaited Visit
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A Guest Room Refresh for a Long-Awaited Visit

Guest rooms have a special meaning to me. It is a place with a physical manifestation of hospitality, a space that is designed to show loved ones they are loved, appreciated and treasured. Picture it as a comfy and cozy hug turned into furniture and paint.

After all, next week, my sister, Emily, came home for a visit – her first in two years. Our old guest room, a dusty collection of outdated furniture and everything brown and beige, wouldn’t do. As much as our relationship deserved a refresh, it deserved a makeover too. Keeping with this idea, I renovated my guest room.

So this is how it all turned out. Choosing furniture was the first step. A cool, calming blue platform bed took the place of the old creaky wooden bed frame. On both sides of the bed, there were double drawers bedside tables in the same blue color. I found these quirky bedside tables with geometric brass legs, a perfect complement to the modern vibe.

Next, it was time to revamp the wardrobe. Installed a six-door wardrobe with a high-gloss finish in a minty green shade on the side wall, adding a touch of contemporary glam. The walls were bathed in the same serene shade of blue.

A plush white rug grounded the space, while pops of mint green reappeared in throw pillows and a framed abstract painting I hung above the bed to complement my color palette. No doubt, it felt airy, calming, and cool in comparison to its previous brown and beige colors.

This room, specifically for Emily, would be the perfect place for her to relax after a long trip – a place that whispers, “We missed you, sis.” Now, the only question that remains is: will she be so impressed by the guest room makeover that she’ll decide to extend her stay? (Just kidding… mostly.)

Wish me luck on this big reveal – and if you’re looking for some guest room inspiration for your own loved ones, you can surely follow this color palette that I used, or you can find your own favorite one to surprise your beloved! After all, guest rooms may be temporary spaces, but the love and connection they foster are not.