Whispering Willow Color Palette: A Soothing Escape for Your Bedroom
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Whispering Willow Color Palette: A Soothing Escape for Your Bedroom

Whenever I laid down to sleep, I had the same thought in my mind every time. Every day is the same old busy routine to follow: wake up early, eat a quick breakfast, catch the bus to work, work hard, come back home and sleep. That’s such a tasteless lifestyle. That’s not something I can change.

Every time I think about my life, I stare at the blank walls and ceiling in my bedroom. Saying to myself, “There must be something I can do for myself.” And one blessed night, I found what I could do for myself. How about adding some colors to my life?

For years my bedroom stared blank back at me as I stared at it laying down on my bed, but not any more! Choosing the best color for my bedroom to make it lively and cheerful was not an easy task.

The lavender shade was too girly. Sage green was too outdoorsy. Until I found “Whispering Willow.” Ah, that’s it. It was a muted gray-green, soft and calming, like a gentle spring breeze. So I decided on this color palette for my room:: whispering willow, calming green, white and light gray. Let’s get the show started!

I painted the side walls with whispering willow, and the front wall and the ceiling with calming green to accompany both shades. I replaced my wooden bed set furniture with a white wood bed set. Next to my bed, I placed sleek white wood side racks with light gray night lamps. Besides the racks, I placed my two lovely plant vases as decorations.

Replaced regular lights with LED lights at the four corners of the ceiling to light up my bedroom with a tranquil and peaceful glow. Added a dim LED light stripe along the three sides of the front wall so whenever I am in a resting mood, the bright lights do not disturb me.

Now it’s all done and dusted! Whenever I want to sleep at night, I can easily switch on my side lamps that will surround me with calming warm light throughout the night. Whispering Willow was more than just a color; it was a symbol of achievement for me – something I achieved with my own two hands for myself.

How soothing it is now. Whenever I come back home and enter my bedroom after an exhausting day, it’s like whispering willow welcomes me to sleep leaving all those worries behind. And now, as I lay down on my bed at night, all the walls sing lullabies until I sleep soundly. You can also add this whispering willow color palette to your bedroom to make it the best for rest and relaxation.