Dua Lipa is Gonna Get a Basement in Her North London Home
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Dua Lipa is Gonna Get a Basement in Her North London Home

Dua Lipa has been granted permission for a significant renovation project in her North London home. The Grammy-winning artist recently received approval to build a basement beneath her property.

The Trend of Undergound Expansion Among Celebs

Dua Lipa is now among a growing list of celebrities expanding their living spaces downward. The trend of underground extensions has gained popularity among the rich and famous. A basement offers them a way to expand their living spaces without altering the exterior aesthetics.

Dua Lipa’s North London Home

Dua Lipa’s North London home hass always has been a subject of fascination for fans eager to catch a glimpse of the singer’s private life. The residence, situated in a prime location, is set to transform with the approved basement dig., 

Why is She Building a Basement?

We don’t know the specifics yet, but speculation is rife. Basement extensions in celebrity homes often include amenities such as home theaters, gyms, recording studios, or additional living spaces. Whatever Dua Lipa actually has in mind, it would surely boil down to having better functionality in her residence.

Local Authorities Grant Approval

Local authorities have granted the necessary approvals for digging the basement. This ensures that the private building project would follow planning regulations and community standards. Still, the news has sparked discussion about the safety considerations for private residence buildings, especially in densely populated urban areas like North London.

Anticipation Builds Among Fans

As news of the approved basement project circulates, fans of Dua Lipa eagerly anticipate updates on the transformation. They’re wondering how the trendsetting singer would give a her unique touch to the new space.


The life and decisions of celebrities often spark discussions among their fans. Dua Lipa’s home renovation is one such event. Her fans await glimpses into the creative additions that will adorn her new space.