Bursting Colors and Lively Bedrooms: How I Found My Home (and Its Colors)!
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Bursting Colors and Lively Bedrooms: How I Found My Home (and Its Colors)!

Finding the perfect house is tough. My realtor tried to show me different houses in my neighborhood, but it didn’t work. It’s exhausting sorting through endless lists of available properties, touring empty white box structures, and dreaming of a place that truly reflects my taste.

Well, for me, that dream wasn’t just about finding the right layout or having a lovely backyard (although those are pretty important too!). A house where you don’t feel like you’re just surviving, but really living each day was my dream. And let me tell you, you won’t find this on the market often.

Most houses I saw were painted in that generic shade of “greige” (is that even a real word?) or a sterile white that felt more like a doctor’s office than a home. 

However, one day, I got lucky! I got a call from my realtor excitedly inviting me to see a house that he thought might suit my tastes. Honestly, I wasn’t too pumped about it, but once I went there…!

The more I walked through the house, the more amazing I felt. A sunshine yellow bedroom that felt like a burst of morning light. A calming lavender room that promised sweet dreams. Each space had its own unique vibe, achieved not just through furniture and decor, but through the colors themselves.

The previous owner, I discovered, was an artist, and his love of color was splashed across every wall. Sure, there were some touch-ups to be done but the foundation, the beautiful and colorful foundation, was already there. What intrigued me the most were the bedrooms, which looked as if they had been brought to life by a genius.

The master bedroom sparkled with a yellow color palette. So, I placed a white wood bed set with a geometric pattern wooden back with sleek bedside tables with one drawer each. Put two plant vases alongside each corner with vines dangling upwards with support.

The daughter’s room had a calming lavender shade on its walls and ceiling. Placed a single brown wood bed in one corner of the wall with a study table on the other side of the same wall. Decorated the wall with frames of paintings and inspirational abstract art above the bed. Placed a beige rug in the middle with a leather bean bag chair.

The realtor was right, it was my dream house after all. I didn’t think twice about buying this house. There’s no doubt the other rooms were comfortable, too. But as of now, only the bedrooms are done. I still need to decorate other rooms according to their color palettes.

So, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to house. You never know, with just a little more you might find your own home filled with bright colors and lively walls some day!