A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Boho-Chic Style Home
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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Boho-Chic Style Home

Definition of boho-chic style

Boho-chic is a style of interior design that embraces relaxed, eclectic, and creative spaces. It is inspired by bohemian influences and characterized by a free-spirited, non-traditional aesthetic. Boho-chic style Home decor features a mix of vintage, antique, and worldly furnishings and accessories that come together to create a space that feels casually put together, yet thoughtfully curated.

Brief history and origins

The boho-chic style has its origins in the bohemian movement of the late 19th and early 20th century when artists, writers, and free-thinkers rejected mainstream societal conventions in favour of more unconventional and artistic lifestyles. In the 1960s and 70s, bohemian style experienced a resurgence during the hippie era. In recent decades, boho style has evolved into a popular interior design aesthetic, influenced by this historic bohemian and nomadic cultures. The advent of mass-market furniture and accessories has made achieving the boho look easy and accessible.

Key characteristics and elements

Some key features of boho-chic decor include:

  • Layered, eclectic furnishings like rugs, pillows, and wall hangings
  • Vintage and antique pieces mixed with modern items
  • Natural materials and textures like wood, wicker, cotton, linen
  • Rich colors and patterns, especially floral and global or tribal designs
  • Handcrafted items and unique collected objects
  • Comfortable, cozy seating with an inviting vibe
  • Asymmetry and imperfection are embraced

The overall look is casual, relaxed, and deeply personal. Each boho-chic space should feel collected over time, with decor that reflects the homeowner’s tastes and travels.

Choosing a Color Palette for Boho-Chic Decor

Neutral base colors (white, beige, gray)

Boho-chic palettes typically start with a neutral base of whites, creams, or light grays. These quiet shades create a soothing, airy backdrop for the more boldly colored furnishings and accessories. White walls serve as a blank canvas, allowing the decor to take center stage.

Earthy tones (terracotta, mustard, olive green)

Natural, earthy hues like terracotta orange, mustard yellow, and olive green are commonly seen in bohemian decor. These colors reflect the organic materials and textures that are hallmarks of the boho style. When used in accent pieces like pillows or rugs, earth tones add a subtle vibrancy.

Jewel tones (emerald, sapphire, amethyst)

Vibrant jewel tones help create a globally-inspired element. Deep shades of emerald, sapphire, and amethyst introduce pops of saturated color and visual interest. These colors work best when used sparingly against neutral backgrounds.

Mixing and matching colors

The boho-chic palette is all about creative color combinations. Different tones and hues are layered and blended to achieve a collected look. Contrasting colors can be placed alongside each other to add excitement. The overall effect should be bold, eclectic and harmonious.

Incorporating Textures and Patterns

Layering different textures (velvet, macrame, rattan, jute)

Boho-chic decor explores the visual and tactile qualities of varied textiles. Luxurious velvet may be mixed with coarse jute and woven rattan. Macrame wall hangings offer soft texture and visual interest. Different tactile elements create depth.

Mixing patterns (florals, stripes, ikat, kilim)

Pattern mixing is integral to boho style. Global-inspired ikat, kilim, paisley and floral prints combine to form eclectic layered looks. Stripes and geometrics add contrast and vibrancy. Patterns may share colors for cohesion. Play with scale and placement for personalized spaces.

Balancing patterns and textures for a cohesive look

Amidst the mix of colors, patterns and textures, boho style must retain harmony. Similar color palettes unite disparate patterns. Neutral solids balance complex designs. Varied textures and patterns are thoughtfully edited and arranged for optimal flow and livability.

Furniture and Decor Pieces for Boho-Chic Style

Low-slung, comfortable furniture (sofas, chairs, poufs)

Boho living rooms feature plush, low seating like sofas and loungers draped with throws and pillows. The relaxed vibe encourages casual lounging. Poufs and floor cushions add laid-back seating options.

Vintage and antique pieces (trunks, side tables, mirrors)

Incorporating older items like antique trunks as coffee tables or carved sideboards adds a well-traveled vibe. Distressed mirrors, weathered woods and timeworn leather carry history. Vintage pieces display visual richness.

Rattan and wicker furniture (chairs, coffee tables, shelves)

The natural texture of woven rattan and wicker suits the bohemian affinity for organic materials. Boho spaces may incorporate a rattan pendant light, wicker chair, or rattan shelves. These natural furnishes add warmth.

Decorative accents (macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, tapestries)

Boho decor displays unique artistic touches like macrame wall art, beaded or fringed tapestries, and carved masks or statues collected from around the world. Dream catchers and paper lanterns reflect spiritual overtones.

Lighting and Accessories

String lights and lanterns

Draped string lights immediately establish a whimsical, playful mood. Outdoor string lights used inside create a patio party vibe. Ornate metal lanterns add a global flair whether hung or displayed on tables.

Candles and incense burners

Clusters of candles infuse spaces with welcoming warmth and soft illumination. Incense burners or essential oil diffusers complement the spiritual nature of bohemian decor.

Decorative mirrors and wall art

Mirrors edged with elaborate metalwork fit boho’s eclectic vibe. Large statement mirrors reflect light. Framed vintage maps, botanical prints, or music sheets serve as wall art.

Throw pillows and blankets

Piles of cozy, globally-patterned pillows and soft woven blankets transform seating into an inviting oasis for relaxation. Natural fibers like cotton or wool feel ultra-comfortable.

Plants and Natural Elements

Potted plants and hanging planters

Abundant greenery is essential for the bohemian love of nature. Lush hanging plants give vertical appeal while potted succulents add organic texture. Cascading ivy and trailing vines soften hard edges.

Dried flowers and botanicals

Pressed flowers, dried grasses and preserved ferns incorporate organic beauty. Display in glass cloches or hanging terrariums. Dried botanicals add effortless arrangements.

Driftwood and natural stones

Collected bits of weathered driftwood or unique stones make natural art objects to display. Fossilized wood introduces rustic harmony. Geodes and crystals add mystical energy.

Terrariums and plant-based decor

Self-contained terrariums allow artistic compositions of plants, stones, bark or moss. Use apothecary jars, glass containers or hanging orb terrariums. Bring nature indoors.

Mixing Old and New

Incorporating vintage and antique pieces

Aged items like an antique trunk or sculptural candelabra contrast beautifully with clean-lined modern furnishings. This juxtaposition is central to boho style.

Combining modern and traditional elements

Traditional woven rugs work nicely with sleek mid-century chairs. Handcrafted pottery and ceramic vases blend effortlessly with contemporary decor. Harmonious combinations keep boho spaces fresh.

Creating an eclectic and timeless look

Skillfully blending eras and aesthetics is the heart of bohemian decor. Diverse periods and cultures mingle freely. The resulting look transcends specific times and trends for an eclectic style with enduring and global appeal.

DIY Projects for Boho-Chic Decor

Macrame wall hangings and plant holders

Knotted and woven macrame tapestries infuse spaces with softness and texture. Macrame also makes excellent hanging planters to display trailing greenery. Both projects use basic knots.

Painted and stenciled furniture

Find secondhand furniture like dressers or chairs to transform with paint and stenciled patterns. Try global motifs like Moroccan tiles or floral designs. Seal with a clear coat for protection.

Woven baskets and trays

Inexpensive basket forms can be woven with yarn, fabric strips or rope for custom creations. Weave a loose, organic texture. Use baskets for display and storage.

Dip-dyed textiles and pillows

For an ombre effect, dip-dye found fabrics like cotton, silk or velvet. Thin dye consistency gradually colors the material. Use these fabrics for accent pillows.

Styling Tips for Boho-Chic Spaces

Layering rugs and textiles

Build depth by topping jute rugs with vintage Turkish kilims or fur throws. Fold and drape tapestries and blankets for dimension. Play with sizes and shapes.

Arranging furniture for a cozy, intimate feel

Position furniture to create intimate groupings for conversation. Floating furniture away from walls maintains an airy aesthetic. Angle pieces toward each other to form a cozy niche.

Displaying collections and personal items

Showcase meaningful objects like plants, instruments, books or art. Group like items together for impact. Include photographs and mementos for personality.

Creating vignettes and focal points

Vignettes of objects make charming focal points. Display related items on a console or bookshelf. Or highlight large statement pieces like sculptures or artwork.


  • Boho-chic style embraces eclectic, globally-inspired spaces with vintage elements, rich colors, natural materials and unique accessories.
  • Choose neutrals and earth tones as a base, then layer in jewel tones and varied prints and textures for interest.
  • Incorporate plush seating, antique and handcrafted furnishings and plenty of greenery.
  • Blend eras and aesthetics for a collected, timeless look. Add your own touches with DIY projects and curated vignettes.
  • Boho-chic celebrates relaxed, artistic living. Embrace your creativity and find ways to add a personal, artful spirit to your home.

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